Green practices

Worthington Libraries, along with other community partners, supports the Central Ohio Green Pact and works to promote and further green initiatives in Worthington.

Worthington Libraries:

  • Recycles paper, glass and plastic
  • Recycles used printer cartridges from the Library and provides receptacles for patrons to recycle used printer cartridges and cell phones
  • Donates discarded books in good condition to the Friends Foundation of Worthington Libraries for resale, to other organizations or for recycling
  • Utilizes energy efficient lighting
  • Uses energy-saving software on computers
  • Installed carpeting containing recycled materials
  • Contracts with lawn care providers that use organic products
  • Maintains native plant gardens at the Old Worthington Library and Northwest Library
  • Encourages employees to carpool and to have meetings via conference call
  • Provides the community with resources and programs on topics such as growing native plants, composting, gardening, buying local produce, recycling and using green building materials
  • Offers Energy Check Toolkits for loan

revised May 2015