Electronic Transfer of Library Information Policy

Resolution #12-15-09

Worthington Libraries fulfills requests for electronic copies of articles from its electronic, print and microfilm collections. The goal of this service is to provide interchange of library materials, promote resource sharing among libraries and ensure the highest level of information delivery for patrons.

This service will be used to answer specific reference questions with verified citations. Only a single copy of a copyrighted article or a minor part of a work may be requested. Patrons may request a total of five articles, not to exceed 25 pages, per day. Patrons may request that articles be delivered via

The Library does not provide this service for the following items, including but not limited to, IRS forms, sheet music, city directory or Criss-Cross pages. Legal forms, law codes, pharmaceutical, medical and consumer information can only be delivered at staff discretion, with verified citations provided by the patron. Simple definitions of legal and medical terms may be delivered at staff discretion with a note that more information is available at libraries.

Adopted by the Board of Trustees 12-15-09, effective 12-16-09