The Rosie Project

Posted: Tuesday, February 18, 2014, 8:32 am

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The Rosie Project

Graeme Simsion


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Christiana C

Teens, Adults

General fiction, Romance


In brief


If you like Sheldon in "The Big Bang Theory," you'll love Don in "The Rosie Project."

I was originally going to review another book, but when I tried to review it, I found myself thinking about The Rosie Project, instead. To get myself back on track, I thought about how I would describe The Rosie Project, so I could put it behind me. But when your subconscious keeps throwing around "delightful" as a book description, you know what you have to do: you have to review the delightful book.

Don Tillman is a genetics professor who is very, very smart, but his social skills leave something to be desired. Don, however, is looking for love, which is decidedly harder when your social skills are not quite up to snuff. Don decides to approach love scientifically, and creates "The Wife Project," a questionnaire to find his perfect match. Rosie Jarman-- smoker, drinker, late-arriver-- is definitely NOT his perfect match. However, Rosie has a quest of her own and Don might be the perfect person to help. And maybe Don might just need something all-wrong-for-him Rosie has to offer as well.

The Rosie Project is smart (a professor who devotes his life to his studies!), funny (I kept describing situations to friends just because I wanted someone else to get how hilarious this book is!) and engaging (I defy you to stop reading once you crack this open!). It's a story unlike any story I have read before-- a nontraditional love story for sure. And Don and Rosie (as well as a great cast of secondary characters) are captivating from start to finish. I loved being able to see how Don changed by meeting Rosie. All in all, this is a fun ride not to be missed!