Night Film

Posted: Friday, January 31, 2014, 8:42 am

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Night Film

Marisha Pessl


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Erin K


General fiction, Thriller and suspense

In brief


Fans of Stieg Larsson and Gillian Flynn will enjoy this super-creepy thriller that will keep you up at night!

Legendary and reclusive filmmaker Stanislav Cordova has always been shrouded in mystery and controversy. His dark films have been banned from the mainstream, and his loyal fans have created a very exclusive underground network. Investigative journalist Scott McGrath has tried to write about Cordova, and when he got too close to exposing the director he lost his job and his wife.

Everything changes when Cordova's daughter Ashley is found dead in an abandoned warehouse and the police rule it a suicide. McGrath suspects otherwise, and plunges himself back into the dark secrets and mysteries of the Cordova family. The deeper and more obsessed he becomes with his story, the more dangerous things get.

I was instantly drawn into Cordova's creepy world and couldn't stop reading! Even if it meant staying up and late and having weird dreams. The creep-factor is enhanced by chilling photos and newspaper articles that bring the story to life. There is even a free app for iTunes and Google Play to expose extra content not found in the book!