Fun Books for First & Second Graders

Picture books

  • Cordell, Matthew. Another Brother. 2012.

    Davy the sheep wishes he had time alone with his parents, like he did before his 12 brothers came along and started imitating his every move. When his wish comes true, though, Davy misses playing with the youngsters.

  • Czekaj, Jef. Oink-A-Doodle-Moo. 2012.

    In a barnyard, a pig whispers into a rooster's ear, starting a game of "telephone" that goes horribly awry.

  • Rosenthal, Amy. Wumbers. 2012.

    It's words cre8ed with numbers! "What a smart ca9!" "Yeah, he already knows the ba6!"

  • Willems, Mo. Goldilocks and the Three Dinosaurs. 2012.

    Once upon a time, three hungry dinosaurs decided to tidy their house, make the beds, prepare pudding of varying temperatures and then go... elsewhere. They were definitely not setting a trap for some succulent, unsupervised little girl. Definitely not!


  • Bell, Cece. Rabbit & Robot: the Sleepover. 2012.

    Rabbit is excited about the sleepover he has carefully planned for his friend Robot, but Robot has some different ideas about how things should go.

  • Bunting, Eve. Frog and Friends: Best Summer Ever. 2012.

    Frog enjoys a summer with his friends as he compares himself to a bat, takes a vacation and meets a Starman who helps him see the night sky in a new way.

  • Henkes, Kevin. Penny and Her Doll. 2012.

    Penny instantly loves the doll her grandmother sends her, but finding the perfect name for her is a challenge.

  • Manushkin, Fran. Katie's New Shoes. 2012.

    When Katie outgrows her shoes, she and her friends JoJo and Pedro go to the shoe store with their mothers.

  • McMullan, Kate. Pearl and Wagner: Five Days Till Summer. 2012.

    Even though summer vacation starts in five days, best friends Pearl and Wagner, a rabbit and a mouse, worry about next year's teacher, mean Ms. Bean.

  • Rabe, Tish. Look for the Lorax. 2012.

    Easy-to-read, rhyming text introduces the Lorax and the place he calls home.

Juvenile fiction

  • Branford, Anna. Violet Mackerel's Brilliant Plot. 2012.

    When a creative seven-year-old girl spots a blue china bird that she desperately wants, she forms an imaginative plan for getting it.

  • Coven, Wanda. Heidi Heckelbeck Casts A Spell. 2012.

    Second-grade witch Heidi Heckelbeck wants to get even with Melanie, the meanest girl in school, so she decides to cast a forgetting spell on her right before the start of the school play.

  • DiCamillo, Kate and Alison McGhee. Bink & Gollie: Two for One. 2012.

    Bink and Gollie must use teamwork to navigate the wonders of the state fair. Will Bink win the Whack-a-Duck game? Will Gollie wow the talent show crowd? As both step into a fortune-teller's tent, one prediction is crystal clear: this unlikely pair will always be the closest of pals.

  • Haas, Jessie. Bramble and Maggie. 2012.

    Bramble the horse gets bored giving riding lessons, but regains her enthusiasm when she goes to live with a girl named Maggie.

  • Kirby, Stan. Captain Awesome to the Rescue! 2012.

    When second-grader Eugene and his family move to a new neighborhood and he starts at a new school, he has a chance to bring out his superhero alter ego, Captain Awesome, to find the kidnapped class hamster.

  • McKay, Hilary. Lulu and the Duck in the Park. 2012.

    Lulu loves animals and takes an abandoned duck egg to school, even though her teacher has forbidden her from doing so ever again.

  • Pinkwater, Daniel. Mrs. Noodlekugel. 2012.

    Nick and Maxine have a new babysitter — the eccentric Mrs. Noodlekugel, who lives in the funny little house behind their drab high-rise apartment building with her feline butler, Mr. Fuzzface, and three myopic mice.

Graphic novels


  • Welcome to the World, ZooBorns! by Andrew Bleiman. 2012. [J 591.39 BLE]

    Give a warm welcome to the awwwsome ZooBorns animal babies! Get to know the adorable ZooBorns in this book that's chock-full of cute and cuddly baby zoo animals.

  • Spiders by Nic Bishop. 2012. [J 595.44 BIS]

    Amazing photographs and cool facts help kids learn about different types of spiders and their behavior.

  • Angry Birds Playground Animals: An Around-The-World Habitat Adventure by Jill Esbaum. 2012. [J 590 ESB]

    With the help of your favorite Angry Birds characters, learn about five different habitats by pairing the eggs found throughout the book with their region of origin.

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