Kids Music that Won't Drive You Crazy

Audio CDs

  • All I Want! by David Weinstone. 2011. (CD SONGS WEI A)

    This doesn't sound like any other kids CD. Weinstone's voice is a bit unusual, but the songs are funky and celebrate things like wanting a puppy, playing at the beach and counting. (preschool)

  • A Mighty Good Day by Hullabaloo. 2010. (CD SONGS HUL M)

    The lead singer's deep voice and the duo's country twang make this an unusual and fun CD. (preschool)

  • The Baby Grands by The Baby Grands. 2009. (CD SONGS BAB B)

    You'll be singing along with these songs in no time flat. The Baby Grands have a warm, friendly sound that's irresistible. (whole family)

  • Everyone Loves to Dance! by Aaron Nigel Smith. 2010. (CD SONGS SMI E)

    Looking for a CD that will get you up and moving? This is it! (preschool)

  • Funky Fresh and Sugar Free by the Sugar Free All-Stars. 2010. (CD SONGS SUG F)

    Be prepared to hear this CD over and over and over again. It's a unique mix of styles from Beatles covers to disco, and will have you and your kids dancing. (whole family)

  • Going on a Picnic by Dreamtree Shakers. 2011. (CD SONGS DRE G)

    If you like Justin Roberts, you'll like Dreamtree Shakers. Their mellow sound and fun lyrics will make this a popular CD in your car. (preschool)

  • I'm a Rock Star by Joanie Leeds. 2010. (CD SONGS LEE I)

    Leeds may not be a well-known children's music artist, but she should be! Her energetic songs will have you singing along in no time. (toddler, preschool)

  • Kids by Keller Williams. 2010. (CD SONGS WIL K)

    Be ready for some grownup chuckles with this CD. "Because I Said So" not only sounds a lot like "Mama Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Cowboys," it triumphs the four words all parents find themselves saying. "Mama Tooted" is a song sure to make the older kids in the car giggle. (whole family)

  • Love Me for Who I Am by Brady Rymer. 2011. (CD SONGS RYM L)

    The songs on this CD were inspired by children with autism, Asperger's Syndrome and other related conditions, but they will speak to all children. (whole family)

  • Mind of My Own by Frances England. 2010. (CD SONGS ENG M)

    England writes and sings songs that speak to kids without sounding like typical kids music. These songs are fun and folksy, just like her early works. (whole family)

  • Music Is... Awesome Vol. 2 from Yo Gabba Gabba! 2010. (CD SONGS YO M)

    This fun title is filled with original songs from DJ Lance and the gang, as well as from artists who make special guest appearances on the show.

  • Number 3 by The Kerplunks. 2010. (CD SONGS KER N)

    The Kerplunks don't sound like any other kids group— and that's great! The wide variety of topics and musical styles on this CD means that something will definitely get your toes tapping. (preschool)

  • Nursery Rhymez by RhymeZwell. 2010. (CD SONGS RHY N)

    If you or your kids like hip-hop, this CD is a must-listen! (toddler and up)

  • Oh Lucky Day! by Lucky Diaz and the Family Jam Band. 2011. (CD SONGS DIA O)

    Lucky Diaz will catch your attention with the very first track on this CD, which is full of fun songs that just make you happy! (preschool)

  • Only One Ocean by Banana Slug String Band. 2011. (CD SONGS BAN O)

    You won't believe the things you and your kids will learn about the ocean and ocean life— without even realizing it— when you listen to this fun collection of songs. (whole family)

  • Original Friend by Lunch Money. 2010. (CD SONGS LUN O)

    You may start listening to this and think, "This is kind of weird." It is. But it's also oddly addictive and full of songs that celebrate friendship. Before you know it, the songs will stick to you like tape (track 2). (whole family)

  • Singing All the Way Home by Liz Buchanan. 2010. (CD SONGS BUC S)

    Enjoy these songs that you feel like you should know— they're familiar sounding, kid-friendly and different from the "regular" kid songs you're used to. (toddler)

  • Sunny Day by Elizabeth Mitchell. 2010. (CD SONGS MIT S)

    With a voice reminiscent of Laurie Berkner, Mitchell will set your toes tapping with this follow-up to You Are My Little Bird. (whole family)

  • This Is Fun! by Caspar Babypants. 2010. (CD SONGS BAB T)

    Caspar Babypants might be better known as Chris Ballew, the former lead singer of the rock band The Presidents of the United States of America. As Caspar Babypants, he sings fantastic songs that are catchy and toddler-friendly. Be sure to check out the other Caspar Babypants CDs, too. (toddler)

Other popular artists

  • Laurie Berkner (CD Songs BER)
  • Ralph's World (CD Songs COV)
  • Justin Roberts (CD Songs ROB)
  • Dan Zanes (CD Songs ZAN)
  • Lullabies that rock

    • Hushabye Baby (CD SONGS HUSH)

      Are you a country music fan? Try these lullaby renditions of songs by Willie Nelson, Garth Brooks, Taylor Swift and others.

    • Rockabye Baby (CD SONGS ROC)

      Find lullaby covers of music from your favorite bands like Def Leppard, The Eagles, Weezer and more.

    • Sleepytime Tunes (CD SONGS SLE)

      Hear lullaby tributes to Bruce Springsteen and Dave Matthews.

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