Terrific Books for Third & Fourth Graders


  • Applegate, Katherine. Crenshaw. 2015.

    Fearing his family will have to move into their minivan when they suffer another financial setback, Jackson finds support and comfort through his friendship with a giant, imaginary cat. Available on audio. (Read a staff review of this title!)

  • Bondor-Stone, Annabeth. Shivers! The Pirate Who's Afraid of EVERYTHING. 2015.

    Meet Shivers, the 11-year-old pirate who's afraid of everything. Shivers has to face his fears, though, when his family is captured by bandits.

  • Cabot, Meg. From the Notebooks of a Middle School Princess. 2015.

    Life is completely average for 12-year-old Olivia Grace Clarrisse Mignonette Harrison, but one day Princess Mia Thermopolis of Genovia shows up at her school with exciting news. Available on audio.

  • Giarrusso, Chris. Awesome Origins. 2015.

    Michael G has been given a school assignment to keep a journal, in which he writes about school, superheroes and his classmates who get superpowers! This diary-style book is packed with humor and great drawings.

  • Messner, Kate. All the Answers. 2015.

    Ava discovers during a math test that the old pencil she found in her family's junk drawer will answer factual questions. The pencil also reveals a truth about her family that 12-year-old Ava would rather not know.

  • Mlynowski, Sarah. Upside-Down Magic. 2015.

    Placed in the Upside-Down Magic class at an elite magical academy, students Nory, Elliott, Andres and Bax cast spells that go frustratingly wonky at the worst possible times. Available on audio.

  • Pearce, Jackson. Pip Bartlett's Guide to Magical Creatures. 2015.

    Possessing an ability to talk with magical creatures (like griffins, unicorns and fuzzles), Pip uses her talent to update a magic reference book and investigate a fuzzles invasion.

  • Rodkey, Geoff. The Tapper Twins Go to War (with Each Other). 2015.

    When fraternal twins Claudia and Reese wage a vicious prank war against each other, they have to decide if their efforts to destroy each other are worth the price.

  • Riordan, Rick. Percy Jackson's Greek Heroes. 2015.

    Percy Jackson, the son of the Greek god Poseidon, gives readers his unique insight into 12 larger-than-life personalities from classic Greek stories.

  • Weeks, Sarah. Honey. 2015.

    After overhearing her dad call someone "Honey," Melody tries to figure out who the mysterious person is and why it's such a secret.

Graphic novels

  • Bell, Cece. El Deafo. 2015.

    Growing up with a giant hearing aid wasn't easy, but Cece comes to think of her Phonic Ear as a superpower that allows her to hear her teacher anywhere. (Read a staff review of this title!)

  • Burks, James. Bird & Squirrel on the Edge! 2015.

    While crossing the Great Mountains to return home, Bird and Squirrel rescue a baby bear from wolves. When Bird develops amnesia after suffering a bonk on the head, Squirrel's ability to protect his friends is tested.

  • Duffy, Chris. Fable Comics. 2015.

    Each of the 28 fables in this fun graphic novel is illustrated and told by a different cartoonist.

  • Hatke, Ben. Little Robot. 2015.

    When a girl finds a lost robot in the woods, they become fast friends, but are in for an adventure when a much larger, menacing robot arrives.

  • Winick, Judd. Hilo: The Boy Who Crashed to Earth. 2015.

    When a mysterious boy falls from the sky, friends D.J. and Gina must discover the secrets of his identity and help him save the world.

  • Nonfiction

    • Eye to Eye: How Animals See the World by Steve Jenkins. 2014. [J 591.44 JEN]

      Readers who love animals will be blown away by all the fun facts and amazing collage illustrations. Learn about different types of eyes and how animals use their eyes in unique ways.

    • Sniffer Dogs: How Dogs (and Their Noses) Save the World by Nancy Castaldo. 2015. [J 636.7088 CAS]

      Learn how detection dogs use their noses to find everything from people— both alive and dead— to explosives to whale poop. These working dogs work to please, work to play and work for love.

    • Enormous Smallness: A Story of E.E. Cummings by Matthew Burgess. 2015. [JB CUMMINGS E E]

      Presents the life and work of the 20th-century American writer, focusing on his fascination with words from a young age and highlighting his poetry's inspirational properties.

    • For the Right to Learn: Malala Yousafzai's Story by Rebecca Langston-George. 2016. [JB YOUSAFZAI MALALA]

      Although she grew up in a world where women were supposed to be quiet, Malala Yousafzai refused to be silent. She defied the Taliban's rules, spoke out for education for every girl and almost died for her beliefs.

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