High School Recommended Reads


  • Albertalli, Becky. Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda. 2015.

    Sixteen-year-old, not-so-openly-gay Simon Spier is blackmailed into playing wingman for his classmate or else his sexual identity— and that of his pen pal— will be revealed.

  • Barnes, Jennifer Lynn. The Fixer. 2015.

    When her grandfather develops dementia, 16-year-old Tess, who has been maintaining his Montana ranch, is whisked away to Washington, D.C. by a sister she barely knows and thrown into a world of politics, power, wealth, love triangles and family secrets.

  • Bond, Gwenda. Lois Lane: Fallout. 2015.

    Lois Lane is the new girl at East Metropolis High, and her instinct to ask questions brings her and her online friend, Smallville Guy, into conflict with some bullying videogamers who are being used in a dangerous virtual reality experiment.

  • Carson, Rae. Walk on Earth a Stranger. 2015.

    Lee, who has the magical ability to sense gold, must flee her home to avoid people who would abuse her powers. When her best friend heads out across Gold Rush-era America to stake his claim, she disguises herself as a boy and sets out to join him.

  • Dessen, Sarah. Saint Anything. 2015.

    Sydney's charismatic older brother, Peyton, has always been the center of attention in the family, but when he is sent to jail Sydney struggles to find her place until she meets the Chathams, including gentle, protective Mac, who makes her feel seen for the first time.

  • Hunt, Leo. 13 Days of Midnight. 2015.

    When his estranged father dies, 16-year-old Luke inherits eight spirits who want revenge for their enslavement. With Halloween fast approaching, he has only 13 days to give them their eternal rest or he may join their ghostly ranks.

  • Kaufman, Amie and Jay Kristoff. Illuminae. 2015.

    Caught in the crossfire of a megacorporation rivalry in 2575, Kady and Ezra, who have just broken up, flee their home planet on an evacuation ship that is quickly overwhelmed by a fast-spreading plague.

  • Lord, Emery. The Start of Me and You. 2015.

    Paige Hancock starts junior year with a list of ways to take back her life, rather than spending another year as "The Girl Whose Boyfriend Drowned." Discovering that Ryan Chase, her long-term crush, is available again might be the key.

  • McLemore, Anna-Marie. The Weight of Feathers. 2015.

    Although Lace Paloma knows all about the feud between the Palomas and the Corbeaus, she finds herself falling for Cluck Corbeau when he saves her life.

  • Murphy, Julie. Dumplin'. 2015.

    Sixteen-year-old Willowdean wants to prove to everyone in her small Texas town that she is more than just a fat girl, so while grappling with her feelings for a co-worker who is clearly attracted to her, Will and some other misfits prepare to compete in a beauty pageant. Available on audio.

  • Ness, Patrick. The Rest of Us Just Live Here. 2015.

    What if you aren't the Chosen One? What if you're like Mikey who just wants to graduate and go to prom and maybe finally work up the courage to ask Henna out before someone goes and blows up the high school? Again.

  • Rowell, Rainbow. Carry On: The Rise and Fall of Simon Snow. 2015.

    Simon Snow's final year at the Watford School of Magicks is overshadowed by a painful breakup, an overprotective mentor, a roommate's disappearance and a plethora of monsters. Available on audio.

  • Shepherd, Megan. The Cage. 2015.

    Cora wakes up in a cage on an alien planet where she meets her mysterious captors and other teenage abductees who must all work together to escape back to Earth.

  • Tahir, Sabaa. An Ember in the Ashes. 2015.

    Laia is a Scholar living under the iron-fisted rule of the Martial Empire. When her brother is arrested for treason, Laia goes undercover at the empire's greatest military academy in exchange for assistance from rebel Scholars who claim that they will help save her brother. Available on audio.

  • Thorne, Jenn Marie. The Wrong Side of Right. 2015.

    After her mother dies, 16-year-old Kate Quinn meets the father she did not know she had, joins his presidential campaign, falls for a rebellious boy and, when what she truly believes flies in the face of campaign talking points, Kate must decide what is best.

  • Tromly, Stephanie. Trouble is a Friend of Mine. 2015.

    After meeting the compelling misfit Philip, Zoe soon finds herself in a series of hilarious and dangerous situations as they investigate a local teenage girl's kidnapping that may be related to the disappearance of his kid sister eight years ago.

  • Westerfeld, Scott. Zeroes. 2015.

    Teens Scam, Crash, Flicker, Anonymous, Bellwether and Kelsie, all born in the year 2000 and living in Cambria, California, have superhuman abilities that give them interesting, but not heroic, lives until they must work as a community to respond to a high stakes crisis. Available on audio.

  • Yoon, Nicola. Everything, Everything. 2015.

    The story of a teenage girl who's literally allergic to the outside world. When a new family moves in next door, she begins a complicated romance that challenges everything she's ever known.


  • Thrash, Maggie. Honor Girl: A Graphic Memoir. 2015. [070.92 THR]

    A 15-year-old girl endures wrenching public and private challenges when she unexpectedly falls in love with a female counselor at her Appalachian summer camp.

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