Homebound services

The Library selects and delivers books and audiobooks to people living in the Worthington School District who are unable to come to the library.

For more information, contact our Homebound Service Associate:

Angi Daff
(614) 807-2626

How does it work?

  • The Homebound Service Associate will interview you about your reading preferences. You can request specific titles and authors or give general categories and allow us to select items.
  • You may request books, large print books, audio books and music CDs, but not movies or magazines.
  • We deliver once a month at a prearranged time. All items must be returned at the next delivery unless you arrange to renew them.
  • Since you will rely on us for pickup and delivery, you will not be charged overdue fines. However, repeated loss or damage to library items will result in cancellation of your service.
  • We will keep a record of your reading preferences and items delivered to you. This record is confidential and is only used to select items you will enjoy.
  • We respect your preferences regarding content such as explicit sex, rough language or violence, but no censorship will be exercised when selecting items.

Do you qualify?

  • You must live in the Worthington School District, or in a private residence in the Northwest Library service area. The Library refers patrons who live in a nursing or assisted care facility in the Northwest Library service area but outside the Worthington School District to Columbus Metropolitan Library's Outreach Services.
  • You must be unable to come to the Library due to illness, disability, low vision or non-driver status (senior).
  • If you live with an able-bodied adult relative, you do not qualify for Homebound Service.
  • You must return any items you have checked out and resolve outstanding fines before Homebound Service can begin.
  • The Homebound Service card replaces your individual library card - you cannot have both.
  • There may be a waiting list for Homebound Service depending on the number of applicants and the availability of volunteers.