Summer DIYs

Decide how you want to move through your summer reading journey!

Fill in a circle on your reading record (PDF) by reading, attending a program or completing a DIY activity at the library or on your own.

DIY Activities

  • While on vacation, send a postcard to your favorite library location (we'll post them on a display!).
  • Take a nature walk, and write about or draw what you see.
  • Visit the Little Free Library at the McCord Park Playground.
  • Try a new recipe and share it with friends.
  • Write a pen and paper letter to someone you know, or to your favorite author.
  • Learn a new language (the Library has online resources like Mango Languages and Little Pim to help).
  • Find the oldest thing in your neighborhood.
  • Visit a museum like the Columbus Museum of Art. Pick out your favorite piece of art and find out more about the artist.
  • Make a chalk mural.
  • Invent or create something new.
  • Do science experiments using kitchen materials.
  • Build a boat and see how long it will float.
  • Read a library magazine on your portable device.
  • Tell a family story, or put on a play or puppet show.
  • Research a historical figure (don't miss Chautauqua in Worthington July 8-12, where actors will portray historical figures).
  • Make a map of your house, neighborhood or an imaginary place.
  • Find one way to make your home or life more environmentally-friendly.
  • Learn five new words and try to use them every day for five days.
  • Create your own puzzle or riddle. See if your friends and family can figure it out.
  • Write a song, poem or rhyme.
  • Identify the types of butterflies, birds or insects that are in your yard.
  • Collect rocks and fossils and identify them.
  • Try a new sport or outdoor activity.
  • Design a fictional world.
  • Write an alternative ending to a book/movie.
  • Create a scavenger hunt for your family or friends.
  • Illustrate a story with thumbprint people.
  • Look up at the stars and create a name and story for your own constellation.