Wireless access

Worthington Libraries offers free wireless (WiFi) access inside all our locations. Anyone with a wireless network connection in their laptop or handheld device can access the Internet for free.

In cooperation with the City of Worthington, the free wireless service also is available outside Old Worthington Library along High Street between South Street and Stafford Avenue. This network is provided by HarborLink and is supported through advertising and sponsorships.

What you need to connect:

  • A computer, pocket PC or personal digital assistant (PDA) with a wireless networking card. Many modern devices are wi-fi capable. If yours is not, an 802.11b or 802.11g card or a USB adapter can be purchased from electronics stores starting at less than $40. Apple Airport is also compatible.
  • Any web browser
  • Dual-band phones, which work off standard signals as well as wi-fi, can also use the system.

How to connect:

  • When in range, your wireless device will detect the system. Choose "harborlink" and accept the connection.
  • Launch your Web browser and carefully read and accept the HarborLink terms of use on the login page. (Library users should read and accept the Wireless Network Access Policy and the Acceptable Use of the Internet and Electronic Resources Policy.)
  • The greeting page will appear with user links and sponsorships. This page will appear every 12 minutes while you are surfing.
  • If you have access to a virtual private network (VPN) to encrypt your transmissions, first log on to the HarborLink access point then launch your VPN software.

revised March 2015