2008 Annual Report

Message from the Director

2008 was a year marked by incredible accomplishments for Worthington Libraries. It was the final year of implementation for our 2005-2008 Strategic Plan, which was developed with significant community input. The plan was extremely ambitious, but we managed to accomplish nearly everything we set out to do more than four years ago.

In only the last year, we opened a third location, the beautiful Worthington Park Library, to serve residents in the northeast part of our community. We completed renovations at Old Worthington Library and Northwest Library and introduced a new website. We also prepared the library's second Comprehensive Annual Financial Report— which was recently recognized with two awards for demonstrated fiscal responsibility.

This 2008 annual report provides additional details about these initiatives and also library funding, staffing, circulation and programming statistics.

What it can't accurately portray— for no report could— is how hard everyone worked to get this all done and how supportive the community was through each and every transition. I am truly blessed to work with such dedicated people in so wonderful a place.

— Meribah Mansfield


Revenue $11,198,444
Expenses $8,270,252
    Materials 22.2%
    Salaries & Benefits 60.4%
Registered Borrowers 62,571
    (9.5% increase over 2007)
Library Materials Owned 484,139
    Books 84.42%
    CDs & Cassettes 9.72%
    DVDs 5.24%
    Video Cassettes 0.43%
    Interactive Media 0.19%
Public Computers 314
Program Attendance ~50,000
Number of Employees 147
Number with an MLS 33
Volunteer Hours Contributed >5,000