2010 Annual Report

Message from the Director

In early 2010, I was living in Valdosta, Georgia and serving as the director of the South Georgia Regional Library, a position I'd held since 2007. I was happy and content. I had a swimming pool and didn't own a snow shovel. That all changed on the day Meribah Mansfield announced she would be retiring from her position as director of Worthington Libraries.

I worked for Worthington Libraries for more than 12 years previously and regarded the director position here as the ultimate job in libraries. Supportive patrons, wonderful staff and dynamite community partners— what more could you ask for? I was overjoyed to be given the opportunity to lead this stellar library system, and officially took the reigns as director last August.

Since that time, I've enjoyed reconnecting with old friends, like Kathryn Paugh, director of the Worthington Area Chamber of Commerce, and meeting new people, such as Worthington City Manager Matt Greeson. Everyone has been incredibly helpful and welcoming, which is so typical of Worthington and one of many reasons why it's been such a pleasure to return to this community. The only downside is that I had to break down and purchase that snow shovel!

I hope you enjoy reading this annual report and learning more about everything the Library accomplished in 2010. I'm looking forward to 2011 and to working with library patrons, staff and the community to maintain and grow the outstanding services, collection and programs of Worthington Libraries.

Chuck Gibson


Revenue $10,350,956
Expenses $8,219,329
    Materials 21%
    Salaries & Benefits 61%
Registered Borrowers 83,784
Circulation 3.5 million
Library Materials Owned 502,685
    Books 83%
    CDs 11%
    DVDs 6%
    Interactive Media < 1%
Public Computers 209
Program Attendance 48,078
Number of Employees 146
Number with an MLS 42
Volunteer Hours Contributed 6,031