2009 Five-Star Library (Round 2)

In November 2009, Library Journal announced "Round 2" of its tool for ranking America's libraries, and Worthington Libraries once again received a five-star rating— the best possible— in its category of libraries with total annual operating expenditures of over $5 million but less than $10 million.

To be included, a library must achieve four criteria:

  • meeting the Institute of Museum & Library Services definition of a public library,
  • having $10,000 or more in total operating expenditures annually,
  • serving a legal service area population of 1,000 or more residents, and
  • reporting all of the four service indicators used in the index: library visits, circulation, program attendance and public internet computer uses.

Libraries were evaluated on each service indicator relative to the performance of other libraries in their peer group.

Over 7,000 libraries across the country were evaluated, but only 258 received a starred rating. Only 85 libraries received a five-star rating. Only 200 libraries earned a second starred rating in round two of the evaluation.

Worthington Libraries was ranked third in its peer group, behind only the Upper Arlington Public Library in Upper Arlington, Ohio and the Shaker Heights Public Library in Shaker Heights, Ohio.