Library leadership timeline

Meribah A. Mansfield
Director, 1991-2010

Meribah MansfieldUnder her leadership, the library experienced significant growth, going from one to three facilities, earned a national reputation for excellence and more than tripled its use.

Bernice E. Cudd Daniels
Director, 1967-1991

Bernice DanielsHad the foresight to realize computers were not a fad but destined to be a major part of library and information service in the future.

Elma Whitney
Head Librarian, 1943-1967

Elma WhitneyWas the "featured librarian" in the October 30, 1948 edition of Publisher's Weekly.

Mary Elizabeth Kirns
Head Librarian, 1941-1943

Dorothy Grove Foutts
Head Librarian, 1938-1941

Originally hired as the library's first full-time trained cataloger, became the first head librarian with profes­sional training.

Rose O. Little
Librarian, 1918-1937

Helen T. Parsons
Librarian, 1915-1918

Grace Robinson
Librarian, 1908-1914

"Let us remember that she has done us a good service in putting the library in good order, and studied to properly enter, catalogue, and classify the books. This required much more time than she received pay for, and it puts the library in shape so that we can be proud of it."

B. C. McCullough
Librarian, 1903-1908

Hired to "take charge of the library four afternoons each week for two dollars per week."

Lucy Johnson
Librarian, 1899-1902

Bessie Herrman
Librarian, 1897-1899

Zophar Topping
Caretaker, 1803-?

Chosen to "Keep & take Care of the Library Belonging to this Company."

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