Director's Message - Summer 2008

Posted: Sunday, June 1, 2008, 9:43 am

This summer brings great change, both at the Library and in my personal life.

In June, my youngest child, Matt, will graduate from high school. It seems like only yesterday he was a newborn baby, traveling with me to the main branch of the Columbus Metropolitan Library (where I worked until 1991) so I could check on the status of building renovations there.

Matt was a toddler when we broke ground on the Northwest Library, and I have many pictures of him at that building site as well. He's grown up wiht my work as a librarian as a constant backdrop.

Now, as renovations at both Old Worthington Library and Northwest Library near completion, my husband and I are simultaneously preparing to take Matt to college in August. He's decided to attend Elon University in North Caroline where, at least for now, he'll major in business. Elon is a fantastic school, and I'm thrilled about all the opportunities that await him as he begins this new chapter in his life. I'm also excited about beginning a new phase in my own life and that of the Library.

Many elements of the renovation project that began last year are already complete, such as the new family restroom at Old Worthington Library, the drive-through pickup window for reserves at Northwest Library and the addition of quiet/group study rooms. Since we decided to keep the libraries open throughout this process, patrons have had to make periodic adjustments to changes in the location of library departments. These transitions have been relatively easy because the staff has done such a great job of communication with patrons about what's coming next.

Although most of the feedback we've received is positive, we did hear from a few people not happy about the relocation of the fiction books at Old Worthington Library. The fiction collection is now in its permanent location on the lower level. However, many fiction and popular nonfiction books will be displayed throughout the main reading room when it is complete. It will be enjoyable to browse for your favorite titles in this new space that invites you to stay, sit and relax.

When visiting Elon University, I was struck by the large number of computers available for student use in their library. Like Worthington Libraries, they place an emphasis on modern technology combined with traditional learning and community service. No wonder Matt immediately felt at home there.

While the renovation allowed us to increase the number of computers we have available, out emphasis is still on books and our focus is on the community and serving the people of the Worthington School District. Later this year, there will be ample opportunities for patrons to help plan the future of the Library as we begin another strategic planning process.

Until then, I welcome your feedback and hope you enjoy all the changes to come at the Library.

— Meribah Mansfield

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