Teens can spread holiday cheer this year

Posted: Monday, November 9, 2009, 9:01 am

Since 2002, Northwest Library teens have either made or purchased holiday gifts for residents of the United Methodist Children's Home.

Money to buy things like tables, sweepers, alarm clocks, games, DVDs and DVD players, as well as individual items from the wish lists of residents, has been raised through activities like holiday bazaars and read-a-thons, which teens have helped organize.

Those who participated in last year's read-a-thon brought in over $600, and it's hoped that this year's event, scheduled December 5 from 10am-6pm, generates even more money.

Young people ages 12-18 can help the cause by collecting pledges toward the total number of pages they read on Dec. 5 at Northwest Library. (Pledge forms are available at all Worthington Libraries locations.) For example, a 10¢ per page pledge will raise $30 if the participant reads 300 pages.

There are no requirements for what must be read or how much time must be spent reading. Teens are free to read whatever they want, to themselves or a friend, for the whole day or just part of it.

The United Methodist Children's Home, located in Worthington, cares for young people with personal problems and problems with school, their parents and communities.

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