Search committee established to hire new library director

Posted: Wednesday, February 24, 2010, 3:12 pm

The Worthington Libraries Board of Trustees recently established a search committee to assist them with the process of finding and hiring a library director to replace Meribah Mansfield, who will retire in July after nearly 19 years of service to the Library.

The following people will serve on the search committee:

  • Lynn Nadler (Worthington Libraries Board President),
  • Anne Doyle (Worthington Libraries Trustee),
  • Beth Sommer (former library trustee),
  • Michelle Shinew (former library trustee),
  • Rick Bradley (Friends Foundation of Worthington Libraries President, former library trustee),
  • John Butterfield (community member, former city councilman),
  • Lisa Fuller (library staff) and
  • Phyllis Winfield (library staff).

The committee hired the firm of Gossage Sager Associates to assist with the application and recruitment process. Gossage Sager Associates specializes in executive recruitment for libraries. Representatives of the firm will meet with the library staff, board of trustees and community stakeholders to learn more about the Library and community. They will help facilitate opportunities for public input in the search process and will provide guidance as the committee interviews and selects final candidates.

The library board hopes to make a final selection and announce the new director in June.

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