Online newspapers offer historical insight

Posted: Monday, May 3, 2010, 9:32 am

Students, history buffs and genealogists can get a glimpse into the past, thanks to the library's online newspaper resources.

New York Times Historical Newspapers contains scans of newspapers back to 1851, including editorials, graphics, obituaries and advertisements. Search by title, author, publication date or within a specific decade; print, email or save the documents for later use.

Students researching a topic can browse the newspapers by time periods such as "Civil War," "World War II" and "The Seventies." Each topic includes a brief summary and links to relevant New York Times articles from the era. Students can also use a timeline feature to browse important historical events by century, decade or year to find related articles.

History buffs can peruse headlines from the day they were born (or other important dates). Check out "This Day in History" to read about major historical events for today's date and "Famous Dead People" to access obituaries for hundreds of famous historical figures, from Susan B. Anthony to Frank Zappa.

Looking for more personal history? Access more than 29 million recent obituaries and death notices from newspapers across the country with America's Obituaries and Death Notices. Search by name and narrow by city, state, region or nationwide, with options to search by nickname or to truncate your search, using only the first few letters of the last name if you're unsure of the spelling.

Once you find what you're looking for, you can print and email articles as you go, or you can save articles to a list to email all the articles at the end of your search.

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