Program will get kids excited about science

Posted: Monday, July 26, 2010, 10:13 am

Who knew that you could prove a principle of physics using just a leaf blower and some toilet paper?

You can, and not only will kids in kindergarten through eighth grade be treated to a demonstration of the Bernoulli effect and learn how it helps airplanes fly, more scintillating science insights will be revealed during Dr. Dave's Whiz Bang Science Show, scheduled Wednesday, August 4 at Northwest Library.

In fact, kids will have so much fun, they won't even realize they're learning!

For seven years, "Dr. Dave" Lohnes, a computer technician at the Ohio Agricultural Research & Development Center, has performed his science show, teaching more than 10,000 people about topics like the history of flight, different states of matter and more.

Those attending the August 4 show, which starts at 2 pm, will watch a real hot air balloon take off and get wet with water rockets, all in the name of science!

Presented in partnership with the Ohio State University's Science & Engineering Library.

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