"Don't Know Much About" author shares Civil War savvy

Posted: Monday, November 28, 2011, 9:49 am

Why did Abraham Lincoln sneak into Washington for his inauguration? Why did Robert E. Lee resign from the U.S. Army? Did you know the Civil War cost the Union side more than $6 million dollars and the Confederate states around $3 million dollars?

Kenneth C. Davis To mark the 150-year anniversary of the start of the Civil War, historian Kenneth C. Davis will visit Old Worthington Library via Skype on Tuesday, December 6 at 7pm to discuss the war, including important personalities and battles.

Davis, who has written for the New York Times and contributed to NPR's All Things Considered, is the bestselling author of Don't Know Much About History, Don't Know Much About the Civil War and America's Hidden History.

In his popular Don't Know Much About (DKMA) series, he takes on topics like the Bible, literature and mythology. He also tackles subjects like American history, Earth, space, Presidents and world myths in his DKMA series for kids.

Each book in the series "is built around quirky, offbeat and occasionally irreverent questions," Davis writes on his website, dontknowmuch.com. "These questions are meant to spark the imagination and get people thinking in new ways, examining the easy assumptions we all hold.

"Learning works best when we toss out the old way of teaching and bring different ideas together. You can't understand American history by studying dates and battles, and ignoring geography, literature, or religion. You can't understand the Bible without a grasp of archaeology, history, and mythology. And you can't truly understand or appreciate astronomy and the physics of space without understanding religion, anthropology, and the history of ideas."

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