Make that school project history with super resources

Posted: Monday, March 7, 2011, 10:43 am

Working on a school project about the Civil War? Curious about what life was like in 1950s America? Need the full text of the United States Constitution?

Worthington Libraries is here to help! All you need is a valid library card to access the many American history resources we have to offer.

  • American History Online
    This comprehensive and authoritative reference from Facts on File allows you to search or browse through biographies, events and topics, primary sources, timelines, images and videos and maps and charts about American history. Be sure to check out the "Topic Centers," hand-picked collections that provide a broad, inclusive look at a particular era or subject.
  • American Decades
    Broken down by decade, this cross-disciplinary resource can help students and researchers document and analyze periods of contemporary American social history. Find entries by using the "Basic," "Advanced" or "Subject Guide" search options.
  • Annals of American History Online
    Containing information on American history from 1493 to the present day, this resource from Encyclopedia Britannica contains more than 2,000 primary source documents including speeches, historical accounts, memoirs, poems and images and more than 700 multimedia elements. Search entries by keyword or phrase, use the timeline to view a particular period or event in history, browse entries by author, locate sources by selecting a particular topic in history or browse to get project ideas.
  • American Civil War Reference Library
    If you're looking for biographical profiles, primary source materials and more relevant to prominent Civil War-era people and events, this resource has what you need. In-depth information for reports and class assignments is easy to find by using the "Basic," "Advanced" or "Subject Guide" search options.
  • American Revolution Reference Library
    Using this resource, students can find all the information they need for reports and class assignments on the events and people of the Revolutionary War period of American history. This online version of the comprehensive print reference set includes biographies and primary source materials. Entries can be located by using the "Basic," "Advanced" or "Subject Guide" search options.

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