New features mean more My Account control for you

Posted: Monday, March 21, 2011, 6:08 am

When you log in to your library account today, you'll notice some big changes.

Enhancements to My Account include more detail about your reserves and checked out items and brand new self-service options.

Use the "My Activity" tab to manage your library activity, including reserves, checked out items and fines. What's new?

  • At-a-glance reserves position
    Got a long reserve list? See immediately where you are on the list for every item you have on reserve!
  • Postpone reserves
    Not ready to receive an item on your reserve list, but don't want to lose your place? Use the new postpone feature to control when your reserves arrive— useful for multi-item sets, such as book series or TV episodes.
  • Checked out item details
    Not sure how many renewals you've got left on your checked out items? Get details on everything you've got checked out, including times renewed, full title and cover art.

Have you moved recently, or changed your email address? Use the "Account Settings" tab to manage your library account. Now you can update your own mailing address, phone number and email address. You can even select your own PIN!

For information about what's new in My Account, download and print out a My Account instruction guide (PDF) with everything you need to know to use the new features.

For more help with My Account, just Ask us! You can talk to library staff in person, by telephone, instant message or email!

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