Suit up for cosplay festivities

Posted: Monday, July 11, 2011, 9:27 am

More than just a costume opportunity for teens, this month's Kinyobi Cosplay event is a mini-anime convention!

Yes, those attending should come in costume (must be rated PG) for a contest. Store-bought or homemade, prizes will be awarded (hint: you'll score big points for creativity!).

However, much more is planned than just a costume contest — Japanese pop culture is part of the fun! Make candy sushi using jellybeans, Fruit Roll Ups, Swedish Fish and more; watch anime clips; and draw your own Manga character.

There will also be trivia challenges and a themed scavenger hunt that will take teens throughout the library!

Old Worthington Library will host Kinyobi Cosplay at 6 pm on July 22 as part of TGIF, a Library series which offers unique after-hours programs for teens. Future events in the series include a Zombie Invasion on October 14.

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