Literary characters vie for votes

Posted: Monday, October 22, 2012, 9:08 am

One candidate says that, if elected, no citizen will be made to take baths, while another makes a sly promise to pass a law allowing children to drive busses and stay up late.

The library's literary candidates want your child's vote for president! This year, any kid of legal voting age— 12 and under— can get in on the election fun and cast a vote for his or her favorite literary character.

Imagination Party: Olivia

Vote for OliviaIan Falconer's popular pig, Olivia, enjoys singing, playing, dancing, running and visiting museums. She contends that when she does something, like building a sandcastle, she makes it the best it can be. She plans to apply that same level of perfection to her presidential duties.

City & Country Party: Pigeon

Vote for PigeonPigeon, from the Mo Willems picture book series, implores voters to buy into his presidential pluck even though he's not permitted to drive a bus or stay up late. He understands that his supporters aren't old enough to do those things either and promises to change that, once elected.

Troublemaker Party: Bad Kitty

Vote for Bad KittyNick Bruel's cranky, yellow-eyed Kitty has some clear cut ideas about what would make the country better: no more pesky baths or babies getting into your litter box or chatty kitties at the door. Bad Kitty does have campaign experience, unlike the other two candidates; she recently ran for president of the Neighborhood Cat Coalition.

The Vote for Books election continues through Nov. 6 at all three Worthington Libraries locations.

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