Bad Kitty crushes competitors

Posted: Wednesday, November 7, 2012, 12:22 pm

Perhaps it was her prior campaign experience or her promise to do away with baths that resonated with voters. Whatever the reason, the ballots have been counted and Bad Kitty is the winner of the library's Vote for Books election!

Bad Kitty

Nick Bruel's cranky cat, the Troublemaker Party representative, earned nearly 400 votes, which was enough to defeat Olivia (Imagination Party) and Pigeon (City & Country Party).

Since last month, kids of legal voting age-12 and under-have been able to cast a vote for his or her favorite literary character at any library location. A two week-long primary whittled the candidate field from six to three.

Kids also had the opportunity to vote for a "local issue," in addition to selecting a favorite literary character. Choices included the "construction" of a bike path, sidewalk or road. A bike path was the big winner, earning nearly 3,000 votes!

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