Director's Message - Winter 2012-13

Posted: Monday, December 3, 2012, 9:17 am

We're making some exciting changes at Old Worthington Library and Northwest Library. In the spring, we announced an initiative to create Homework Help Centers in both these locations.

I am happy to say, with the generous support of the Friends Foundation of Worthington Libraries and the Worthington community, we will open the new centers to students before the end of this calendar year.

The new Homework Help Centers are greatly needed by area students. Our first center opened in the Worthington Park Library in 2008. Since that time, use of the center has increased dramatically. Visits are up 41 percent in 2012.

During the school year, the center, which is open 3:30-6:30pm Monday-Thursday, provides students with access to computers, personal assistance and other resources necessary to get their homework done. It's routinely jam-packed with students, serving an average of 35 kids per week. Many people have told us how happy they are with the center. We've heard success stories from parents, educators and students, who stop by to show off their improved grades.

Given their proximity to elementary and middle schools, we anticipate the new Homework Help Centers located at Old Worthington Library and Northwest Library will also generate a lot of use, enthusiasm and results.

At Old Worthington Library, the Homework Help Center will be located on the main floor to the immediate right before entering the main reading room. Staff space was reconfigured to make room for the center, which will be open 3:30-6:30pm Monday-Thursday through the school year.

At Northwest Library, we converted an under-utilized conference room into the new Homework Help Center (on the left as you enter the library). It will be open 4-7pm, Monday-Thursday during the school year.

The Friends Foundation of Worthington Libraries supported the creation of these Homework Help Centers with a contribution of $40,000, and I would like to thank them for their generosity and commitment to the Library. Community organizations and individuals also contributed thousands of dollars to make these projects a reality.

We will celebrate the grand opening of the Homework Help Centers with two open house events. Please join us on Wednesday, January 16 at 4pm at Old Worthington Library and/or Thursday, January 17 at 4pm at Northwest Library. I look forward to seeing you there and to helping more students achieve their academic goals.

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