At the Library, green goes beyond Earth Day

Posted: Monday, April 16, 2012, 9:12 am

Spring means green— from grass, flowers and trees to library events, materials and resources.

Celebrate the season of green with Earth Day on April 22 and Arbor Day on April 27.

The library's calendar is coming up green with fun and educational programs for all ages. Kids can celebrate Earth Day with songs and stories and create a craft from recycled materials at It's Easy Being Green! Adults can learn how to get their hands dirty with our monthly series, New Directions for Suburban Gardens, and figure out green ways to keep their families clean and healthy with Parenting 101: Sustainable Choices.

Thanks to our Green living guide, you can go green year-round. Books and DVDs for kids and teens show the fun side of a green life. Adults can explore books on dirt, worms, bugs and plants to learn ways to green their backyards and cultivate their green thumbs.

Students and researchers interested in environmental issues can check out GreenFILE to locate articles and reports on subjects such as climate change, renewable energy, recycling and green building.

The Library also leads by example. Along with our community partners, Worthington Libraries supports the Central Ohio Green Pact. We promote and further green initiatives in Worthington with green practices, including use of energy efficient lighting and organic products as well as extensive recycling of books, paper, printer cartridges and more.

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