Treasure or trash? Library resources help you decide

Posted: Monday, July 2, 2012, 9:20 am

Planning to spend your summer perusing garage sales and yard sales? Wondering if the old rocking chair you picked up at the thrift store is worth more than the $5 you paid for it? Have some old Elvis albums you want to sell?

Search Prices4Antiques for market-based information about antiques, artwork, collectibles and other family treasures.

Prices4Antiques brings together information from more than 140 major regional and national auction houses. The database covers furniture, glass, paintings, toys, books, autographs, firearms, historical documents and much more.

Each record in Prices4Antiques includes a description of the item, the date of sale and the actual price realized at auction, as well as the auction house name and contact information. Even better, Prices4Antiques includes at least one color picture for every record so you can see if the item you're researching closely matches the one described in the database.

Many professional personal property appraisers use Prices4Antiques to estimate the value of similar items. Prices4Antiques can also be used for insurance purposes to substantiate a formal appraisal or to assist in a family division of property.

For pointers to books, magazines and additional online resources about collecting, restoring and selling antiques, be sure to check out our Antiques and collectibles research guide.

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