Library offers multiple ways to become multi-lingual

Posted: Monday, August 6, 2012, 9:07 am

Need to learn German for your trip abroad? Need to learn a few Mandarin phrases for your company's big merge? Looking to brush up on your English skills? Want to teach your child to be multi-lingual?

No matter your goals or preferences, the Library offers online resources that will help you with your language-learning needs. All you need to get started is your Worthington Libraries library card and a computer with Internet access.

If you're interested in an interactive, immersive approach to language learning, try Powerspeak Languages, which offers courses in Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese and English for Spanish and Mandarin speakers. Courses feature an engaging combination of scored online activities, exercises, lessons and games that help make a new language stick. Each lesson presents part of an exciting adventure story that encourages you to progress to the next lesson; you can continue learning with the "more practice" and "dig deeper" features.

If you prefer a more traditional listen-and-repeat approach to language learning, try Mango Languages. With dozens of modern and ancient languages and more than a dozen English-as-a-second-language courses to choose from, lessons are presented in an easily navigable, self-guided slideshow format. Focusing on everyday conversational skills, lessons contain grammar, cultural notes and quizzes to help you retain the language you are learning. An added feature of Mango Languages is the ability to either select the "start learning immediately" option or set up an individual profile to track your progress.

For kids, try using Little Pim, a fun, interactive way for children ages 0-6 to learn a new language. Courses in ten different languages immerse your child in the language, combining animation and real kids to teach simple words and phrases for everyday activities. Little Pim is powered by Mango Languages, so if you love Mango, consider trying Little Pim with your kids!

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