Author makes science accessible

Posted: Monday, October 28, 2013, 9:14 am

A presentation by Sam Kean, whom Entertainment Weekly described as "the best science teacher you never had," is the next event in Worthington Libraries' Hear & Now author series.

Science writer Sam KeanThe writer has two New York Times bestsellers to his credit— The Disappearing Spoon and The Violinist's Thumb— and, according to a Washington Post review, "In both books, Kean finds a way to frame complex and terribly important fields of science on a human scale, making them relatable and meaningful."

The Disappearing Spoon, published in 2010, is a parade of entertaining anecdotes about scientists (mad and not) involved in the discovery and development of the periodic table of the elements.

In 2012's The Violinist's Thumb, Kean breaks down DNA, describing how genes can explain why John F. Kennedy's skin was bronze, Einstein was a genius and people with exceptional thumb flexibility can become world-class violinists.

Kean will be in Worthington on Nov. 14 at the McConnell Arts Center (MAC), 777 Evening St.

Tickets for his presentation, which starts at 7pm, can be purchased for $10, including a meet-the-author reception. Tickets are $5 for members of the Friends Foundation of Worthington Libraries, Friends of the Columbus Metropolitan Library and MAC (author reception included).

Tickets are available now at the MAC; by phone at 614-431-0329; and online. In order to receive their discount, Friends Foundation of Worthington Libraries members must use a special code when purchasing tickets; call 614-807-2605.

The Hear & Now author series is also sponsored by the MAC and Holiday Inn.

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