Series explores favorite fairy tales

Posted: Monday, December 9, 2013, 9:03 am

If the land of Once Upon a Time has cast a spell on your budding hero or little lady-in-waiting, don't miss an upcoming Library series full of more stories and fun than you can wave a wand at.

Dragons, princesses, ogres, knights and fairies should come in costume for crafts, games and to explore the world of fairy tales during Fairy Tale Fridays.

The first session will feature the fleet-footed Gingerbread Man on December 13. In addition to hearing different version of the popular fairy tale, kids will play with dough, decorate gingerbread men and race the finished product.

The Three Little Pigs will be the focus of the January 24 installment during which those attending will try their hand at building houses using a variety of materials, making pinwheels and retelling the tale using pigs and wolves they create— maybe all three pigs will get a happily ever after!

Can you guess which fairy tale will be featured on February 14? A braiding activity is planned and kids can plant herbs and see who can build the tallest tower. If you guessed Rapunzel, the girl with long golden hair, then you were right!

All programs start at 11am at Old Worthington Library.

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