Poetry contest winners announced

Posted: Monday, April 29, 2013, 8:47 am

The winners of Worthington Libraries' All-Ages Poetry Contest were announced at open mic readings on Saturday, April 27.

More than 75 entries were received for the third annual competition, and a panel of judges awarded first through third place honors in five categories.

Poems by the first-place winners are now on display at Old Worthington and Northwest Libraries, and poems by all 16 winners are available for download in an online chapbook (PDF).

Grades K-3

  • First place: "French Fries" by Ardo Diallo
  • Second place: "Our School Is Very Different!" by Brianna Biehn
  • Third place (tie): "My Eyes" by Ella Fledderjohann and "Winter Night" by Natalie Schneider

Grades 4-6

  • First place: "Here I Stand, Proud and Tall" by Meenakshi Jani
  • Second place: "Questions for the People" by Mallory Hartsell
  • Third place: "The Mockingbird" by Victoria Nash

Grades 7-8

  • First place: "My Cats: Lyra and Thunder" by Bonnie Guo
  • Second place: "Fading Color" by Sidney Smith
  • Third place: "We Roses." by Kia Malkin

Grades 9-12

  • First place: "Three Lockets" by Cora Reichert
  • Second place: "Presentation" by Annie Chen
  • Third place: "Porcelain Doll" by Carolyn Chen


  • First place: "A Zealot" by Nicole Nicholson
  • Second place: "Hawks" by Wendy Salyer
  • Third place: "Plumbum" by Sam Orndorff

Judges for this year's contest were:

  • Marisa Congelio, Library Media Specialist at Daniel Wright Elementary School;
  • Lisa Fuller, Director of Community Engagement at Worthington Libraries;
  • Lesley Jenike, Assistant Professor of English at Columbus College of Art and Design;
  • Stuart Lishan, Associate Professor of English at the Ohio State University;
  • Mary McClellan, children's writer;
  • Lori Poleway, Library Media Specialist at Thomas Worthington High School;
  • Maggie Smith, poet and blogger for the Kenyon Review;
  • Jennifer Smither, poet; and,
  • Robin Troth, Language Arts teacher at Kilbourne Middle School.

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