Summer reading journey starts Saturday!

Posted: Tuesday, May 27, 2014, 8:37 am

Did you know that your brain, just like your body, needs exercise? As your child is walking, swimming and biking this summer, make sure she's keeping her mind active as well!

Research shows that reading 200 pages per week— that's only 29 pages per day!— increases student achievement and promotes cognitive growth. Kids that spend just 30 minutes a day over the summer reading, and then discussing what they've read, are better prepared when school resumes in the fall.

Summer Reading Club - Choose Your Own Journey

Don't worry, though, you're not on your own when it comes to encouraging your child to read all summer long— the Library has your back! This year's Summer Reading Club will be a powerful incentive, full of fun and free stuff.

But the club is more than a reading program, it's a learning program, which means there are even more ways to get to prizes like food from Donatos and Chipotle, gift cards to Polaris Fashion Place and GameStop, sweets from Dairy Queen and California Pizza Kitchen, toys from Learning Express Toys, bikes and more!

Kids and teens can read for the required time, of course, but they can also mix reading with attending library programs and completing DIY activities at home or in the library. This variety of completion options is one reason why the theme of this year's club is "Choose Your Own Journey."

All ages, including young children and adults, can take part in this year's club. Register your whole family online now, or at any library location on May 31.

The 2014 Summer Reading Club is presented by the Friends Foundation of Worthington Libraries. Additional support is provided by California Pizza Kitchen, Chiller Ice Rinks, Chipotle, Columbus Museum of Art, Dairy Queen, Donatos Pizza, First Watch, Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens, Igloo Letterpress, Learning Express Toys, Magic Mountain Fun Centers, McConnell Arts Center, Sassafras Bakery, Skate Zone 71, Worthington Parks & Recreation and Worthington Pools.

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