Summer shape-up starts at the Library

Posted: Monday, May 12, 2014, 9:21 am

Summer's right around the corner, and if you're planning to change up your diet, drop a few pounds or start an exercise program, get facts, advice and inspiration at the Library!

Want to know if your summer shape-up plans are ship-shape? Don't miss For Your Health, an Old Worthington Library program planned on May 20, where you can talk to experts about achieving your goals.

The library's panel includes Del Sroufe, chef and co-owner of Wellness Forum Foods; registered dietician Jennifer Fralic from the Healthy Worthington Resource Center & Food Pantry; and Brandi Williams, an ACE certified trainer from the Worthington Community Center.

For Your Health starts at 7pm.

Health information can be confusing, contradictory and overwhelming, and figuring out what is accurate and reliable can be a real headache, so start with the library's high-quality online health resources:


    This special section of offers unbiased coverage of health-related products, services and practices and helps you be a smart consumer.

    Free from the influence of commercial or other special interests, the advice, research and ratings from can guide you to informed decisions on, for instance, which diets, exercises and treatments are the best. Search its contents or browse topics such as Vitamins and Supplements, Conditions and Treatments, Exercise and Fitness and Health Services.

  • Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database

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    Will an herbal supplement interact with your medications? Does the detox regimen your cousin recommends have any benefits or side effects? Are there any effective alternative treatments for a condition that plagues you? You can search or browse your interests, and know that what you find is based on real research rather than stories and wishful thinking.

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