Super summer reads start with library staff

Posted: Monday, May 19, 2014, 9:13 am

With summer just around the corner, are you yearning for a romance novel, or trying to track down a thriller? Maybe you're seeking out some sci fi, or need a clue to your next mystery read.

Worthington Libraries staff are voracious readers and love to help people find books they will love. We offer many ways for you to find the perfect book for your summer reading!

  • Looking for brand-new, best-selling and in-demand titles? The next time you stop by the Library might be your lucky day! Check out our Get Lucky! browsing collections for popular adult fiction and nonfiction books, audiobooks and DVDs with long reserve lists— only available to in-person visitors to our library locations.
  • If you'd like to know what we've read and enjoyed, check out Staff picks. Visit twice a week for a new staff favorite for preschoolers, adults and everything in between! Get to know our staff reviewers and follow their favorites, or find titles by genre, such as nonfiction, romance or thriller and suspense. Don't miss a single staff pick! Subscribe via RSS feed or follow us on Pinterest. Or, sign up for our monthly e-newsletter for titles delivered directly to your e-mail inbox.
  • Also available online are specialized reading lists for all ages. Lists include links to the catalog, so it's easy to reserve titles that interest you.
  • For personalized recommendations, just ask us! Library staff is available by e-mail, instant message, telephone and in person to suggest super titles on any topic.

Whatever method you choose, we hope you'll find a great book for your summer reading!

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