Price antiques and collectibles like a pro

Posted: Monday, March 6, 2017, 8:45 am

Ever wonder what the value of your childhood doll collection might be? Or the origins of Grandma Edith's special sideboard? The Library has an easy-to-use reference tool with answers.

Prices4Antiques offers descriptions and pricing information for antiques, collectibles, fine art and historic pieces. Every record includes at least one color picture so you can compare the item you're researching to the one described in the database. The database is updated throughout the year as new items are offered and sold through the auction houses covered.

A table of contents page allows for searches of hundreds of catalog types such as ancient artifacts, pottery, jewelry, toys, comic books, furnishings and clothing. You can further limit your search by an artist's name, or that of a furniture designer or other creator, as well as by country of origin, range of years or descriptive keywords. A click on any item found in the database will yield an auction summary and sales history, as well as origin and year of the item.

The auction list allows you to view recent and forthcoming auctions, along with a list of auction house names and contact information. Coverage includes major regional auction venues throughout the United States.

Additional information in Prices4Antiques includes literature citations, biographical, contextual and background data.

Often used by personal property appraisers to estimate the value of similar items, Prices4Antiques is also useful to substantiate a formal appraisal for insurance purposes, or to help in a family division of property.

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