Spring sun calls for an outdoor stroll!

Posted: Monday, April 17, 2017, 8:41 am

Visit the Poetry Path at Northwest Library to experience "countless shades of green" on display this spring and summer.

Northwest Library Poetry Path welcome signWander the path and read the work of six American poets, who highlight our relationship with the natural world and invite reflection and contemplation in a beautiful outdoor space, as in "Wren Songs" by Maggie Smith:

In the unofficial spring, sunshine plays xylophone
on the lawn. The trebly notes are mouths

      singing oh, oh, oh. A paper boat leads

the children downstream, through countless
shades of green— spring, grass, moss, forest.

Northwest Library Poetry Path in bloomThe poetry path features a variety of native Ohio plants, gravel pathways, a dry creekbed with local pebbles and boulders, a bird habitat area and safe "pondless" water features. Several plant beds also absorb stormwater runoff, which reduces flooding of the area following heavy rainfall.

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