Cat with different colored eyes and a David Bowie-esque lightning bolt on its face

When you visit the catalog today, look out for some glam new features.

  • Instant reserve
    Reserve a title with one click-- no need to select a pick-up location, set an activation date or confirm that you really do want to be added to the wait list. Just log in and look for the lightning bolt!
  • No-wait read-alikes
    Adding your name to a long waiting list, but looking for something to tide you over in the meantime? Click the "Similar titles, available now!" link to get related recommendations that are currently available to check out.
  • Star ratings
    Want to know what other readers thought? See Goodreads star ratings right in the catalog for many titles.
  • Lexile level filter
    Looking for a just-right read? Limit your search by Lexile level.

We hope you enjoy these ch-ch-changes. If you have questions or need help, just ask us!

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I am the library's digital library manager. I like to read fantasy, sci-fi, historical fiction and retellings, especially extra-long tomes. When it comes to music, give me anything with a groove and some soul. 

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