Bear Says Thanks

Posted: Tuesday, November 19, 2013, 8:31 am

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Bear Says Thanks

Karma Wilson


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Amy B


Picture book

In brief


What does a bear do when he is alone and bored? Throw a party of course! But who will save the day when bear discovers that his cupboard is bare?

On a cold fall day, bear, who is lonely and bored, decides to throw a feast. One problem though, he has no food in his cupboard. That's when his friend mouse comes by with a pie "and the bear says 'Thanks!'" Bear laments again that he has nothing to share when another friend, Hare, stops by with muffins.

As the story progresses, more friends stop by with food, but bear is in the same predicament. What can he share if he doesn't have any food? Although not strictly a Thanksgiving story, this entertaining picture book can be used with kids to talk about friendship, sharing and saying thanks.