Snowmen at Work

Posted: Friday, January 25, 2013, 9:05 am

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Snowmen at Work

Caralyn Buehner


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Amy B


Picture book

In brief


What if there is a secret time at night when snowmen come alive and work at different jobs? What kind of a job do you think a snowman would do?

In this whimsical, rhyming picture book (a companion to Snowmen at Night), a young child notices that the sidewalks outside his home have been shoveled overnight, and he wonders if the snowman on his front lawn might actually be part of a "snowman shoveling crew."

He envisions what snowmen might do if they had jobs like humans. You might see a snow mechanic repairing sleds, a grocer selling frosty flakes and ice cream or a pizza delivery snowman dropping off frozen pies.

An added treat: each page of the picture book has hidden pictures of a rabbit, cat, T. rex and mouse. After sharing the story, children can put their "I spy" skills to work searching for the different creatures.