All Our Yesterdays

Posted: Friday, November 1, 2013, 8:31 am

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All Our Yesterdays

Cristin Terrill


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Christiana C


Sci fi

time travel

In brief


The first time a drain, a time machine and a list have added up to awesome.

I am not one to just hand out five stars. Listen, when I mouse over five stars and the helpful pop-up says "It was amazing?" That gives me pause. AMAZING? I can only give something five stars if I am slack-jawed, head-spinning, crazy for this book? Well, then there aren't going to be many five stars from your friend Christiana. I can't give five stars to something that did not, in fact, fill me with amazement.

But this is a conversation for outside a Staff Picks review.

Anyway, I say all this because of this book? Beware teens (and adults who don't wrinkle their noses at YA Lit), I'm going to give this to all of you.

Here's just a small sampling of things in AOY that AMAZED me:

*Solid time travel thought. I love me some time travel, but when it doesn't all add up or I catch a mistake in the time travel thought process, it sucks me right out of the book. This book is light on the deus ex machina (which is always better for me).

*Utter un-put-down-able-ness (it'll be a word soon, I'm sure of it). I read this book everywhere. I tried to read it when someone was doing something nice for me. I KNOW. I blame this book. I eventually snapped out of it, but I had to super-reason with myself to do that.

*Writing that gets us to feel the way we're supposed to quickly. I immediately bought into these characters and their relationships with one another. Definitely the exception and not the rule. Nice job, Terrill.

*Made me think. This book (and arguably, time travel in general) sometimes requires a rewind of what just happened. I'll admit, I had to read the ending twice and did a "whattttt" the first time through. I also explained this entire book to someone who had not read it so that I would have someone to discuss where a sequel or companion book could be going. That, my friends, is some great plotting.