Fat Boy Versus the Cheerleaders

Posted: Friday, May 9, 2014, 8:33 am

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Fat Boy Versus the Cheerleaders

Geoff Herbach


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Christiana C


General fiction

humor, realistic, bullying

In brief


One of my favorite new teen boy voices in teen literature. Ever.

One high school soda vending machine. Tons of soda sold. Multiple teens vying for the proceeds. How does a school decide to whom to give the money? Gabe is going to find out.

Gabe (or "Chunk" as most of the school knows him) had just been deciding whether to keep his expensive and unhealthy habit of buying multiple Code Red sodas a day when he discovers the main reason he was buying, that the machine's proceeds go to the pep band, has ended and now the cheerleading program will be given even more money and the pep band will be shut down.

Gabe is not happy about this (especially since it means an end to his beloved band program), so he launches a full-scale investigation that includes interrogation, spy techniques and even getting arrested by the cops. In the process, he learns some things about himself and the way he viewed other kids he thought he knew everything about.

Gabe is funny, likable and a heck of a lot more than what he looks like on the outside. I love that this story focused on his journey (as told to a police officer since he, uh, got arrested), but in a completely believable way. In the same way that Gabe wants to be seen as more than a fat boy, he realizes that all the kids he goes to school with have similar hopes (and are more complicated than they look). Fat Boy's characters are written as unique, but believable, people. I never second-guessed a line of dialogue or a character's actions. If you love a story that will draw you in and keep you reading, this is your book. I'll be giving this one out for sure!