Posted: Tuesday, February 5, 2013, 9:08 am

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Sarah Rees Brennan


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Christiana C


General fiction, Fantasy

In brief


Kami and the entire cast of characters are entirely likeable, but also unfailingly human.

Listen, this book was great. I was pleasantly surprised with how clever, witty and funny it was, while still being a mysterious read with a tiny bit of paranormal thrown in (in a "magic is real???" kind of way).

Kami reads like a real teen. Her character has depth; she really thinks about things and never fully lets her heart take over the decision-making for her mind. She is a great, strong female character for whom I loved (and will continue loving, because I am definitely on board for reading the next book) rooting.

I especially loved reading Kami's relationship with Jared-- the idea of someone being part of you in a way. Kami doesn't exactly love Jared, but she does have a telepathic link with him, so she must separate the feeling of one-ness from what exactly love is. Actually, there are lots of great questions in this book: What is a soul mate? How do you navigate a relationship and negotiate the idea of someone with the reality of someone?

Also, I loved this book for having a multicultural cast without it being A Thing. The characters really shine. We all know someone similar to Angela. Kami's dad complains about how terrible his kids are, but you know it's just a long-running joke. (I'd like to be pals with Kami's dad and make him my life mentor. I don't think I would even care if he went on and on about his monster children-- he wouldn't really mean it.)