Poser: My Life in Twenty-Three Yoga Poses

Posted: Tuesday, July 17, 2012, 8:38 am

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Poser: My Life in Twenty-Three Yoga Poses

Claire Dederer


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Erin K



biography and memoir

In brief


I've been practicing yoga for a little over a year, but you don't need to practice yoga to enjoy this book.

Claire Dederer started yoga after she injured her back. She was always hesitant about trying yoga, but was hooked after her first class. The book follows a decade of Dederer's life and how yoga helped her examine her past and present. Each chapter is named after a yoga pose, and as she conquers each pose she learns more and more about herself.

When I first heard the buzz about Poser, I was both excited and intrigued. I thought this would be a book about practicing yoga and how it makes you feel. And in some ways, it is. But ultimately, it's a book about life.