This is a Moose

Posted: Friday, June 6, 2014, 8:31 am

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This is a Moose

Richard Morris


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Heather W

Preschoolers, Kids

Picture book

humor, animals

In brief


This is a book about the mighty and noble moose, or is it? This is also giggle-inducing tale about being what you want to be.

A filmmaker wants to do a documentary on the life of a moose, but Moose has other ideas. Why just be a moose when one can be an astronaut and go to the moon? And shouldn't grandma be in this movie, too? What about a giraffe? There's room for a giraffe, too, right?

Join Moose as he and his friends show the reader that you really can be anything, and that it's okay to go against everyone's expectations.