Pies and Prejudice

Posted: Friday, April 19, 2013, 8:45 am

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Pies and Prejudice

Ellery Adams


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Heather W


General fiction, Mystery

food and cooking

In brief


Forget Lucky Charms-- the pies at the Charmed Pie Shoppe are what's really magically delicious.

Ella Mae LaFaye never thought she'd be headed back home, leaving a cheating husband behind her. Home means the loving embrace of her many aunts and the care and attention of her mother. It also means the chance to start her own bakery. But Ella Mae's culinary creations seem to capture her feelings as she bakes, causing consequences throughout the town. Can she bake up a pie that is good enough to catch a murderer?

I adore culinary cozy mysteries, and this is the start of what seems to be a fun new series. You may just be inspired to create your own magically delicious pies.