Back to Blood

Posted: Friday, December 14, 2012, 9:09 am

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Back to Blood

Tom Wolfe


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Jeff R


General fiction


In brief


One of the keenest social observers of our time is back with a blistering look at the cultural clashes that simmer in southern Florida.

Tom Wolfe's latest novel follows Miami police officer Nestor Camacho as he navigates a minefield of social and political pressures in modern-day Miami. Through a series of inter-related (mis)adventures, this young Cuban-American cop finds himself an outcast, suddenly at odds with nearly every sub-group and clique jockeying for power in southern Florida. Oh, and his girlfriend Magdalena-- the love of his life-- has dumped him.

This is the foundation on which Wolfe builds his representation of today's Miami. In Back to Blood, Wolfe slices and dices the social mores of that sunniest of cities with a Dickensian eye for personality and a reporter's eye for detail. Through a cast of characters representing society from its top-rung to its bottom, Wolfe shines a light on our 21st-century preoccupations with race, class, politics, status and sex. Along the way, he skewers the worlds of art, journalism, politics and reality television.

Written with elaborate set pieces and festooned with his trademark EXCLAMATIONS, :::punctuations::: and wry observations, Wolfe presents a picture of Miami that resonates well beyond South Beach.