The Expats

Posted: Friday, May 10, 2013, 8:34 am

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The Expats

Chris Pavone


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In brief


Secrets-- how to keep them and who to keep them from-- lie at the heart of Chris Pavone's riveting new spy thriller.

Kate Moore is the very picture of today's successful working mother. She's smart, college-educated and carving out a living for her family in the bureaucratic labyrinth of Washington D.C. Her husband, Dexter, is an under-achieving IT consultant who's just been offered a lucrative job as a bank security analyst in Luxembourg.

It's perfect! The Moore's have always wanted to travel. It will be a great experience for them and the boys. Really, things couldn't be better-- but for the fact that things aren't always as they appear to be. First, there's that matter in Kate's past, that thing she can't quite shake. Then there's Dexter's new job. It seems legitimate (Kate saw the contract after all) but the details don't quite add up. And what about that American couple with the apartment next to the palace? They're expats too, but their appearances are becoming just a little too coincidental.

In The Expats, author Chris Pavone uses these building blocks (along with picturesque European locales) to weave a story full of switchbacks, blind alleys and close calls. Bit by bit he reveals the secrets behind the secrets, offering a spy novel that's as much about marital intrigue as political intrigue.