Pink Smog: Becoming Weetzie Bat

Posted: Friday, July 13, 2012, 8:54 am

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Pink Smog: Becoming Weetzie Bat

Francesca Lia Block


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Jen D


General fiction

In brief


This is a gateway book because you will want to read the entire series once you've finished.

I need to be completely honest and admit up front that, if pressed to pick my favorite author of all time, Francesca Lia Block would be number one. I might whine and moan that it's impossible to choose a favorite author, but for me, she's it.

I first picked up one of her novels in junior high and instantly fell in love with her dreamy, ethereal prose. Fifteen years later, and I'm still hooked on the Weetzie Bat series. They are my comfort books.

Her descriptions are absolutely magical, and often make me wish I could crawl inside and live in the surreal fairytale land of L.A. she describes. Block's writing style can make even the ugliest piece of trash on the side of the road seem like a gorgeous treasure.

Pink Smog is a prequel to the Weetzie Bat series, and tells the origin story of Louise, aka Weetzie Bat. After a terrible fight one night, Weetzie's dad takes off and moves from L.A. to New York City, leaving Weetzie alone to care for her mother, a washed up starlet with a serious alcohol problem. Weetzie wants to figure out what exactly happened between her parents that night, and just who the beautiful and mysterious boy that just moved into her apartment complex, and keeps appearing at convenient times, is.

If you aren't yet familiar with the series, don't fret, as you don't need to read anything else before picking up Pink Smog.